Approving the eastward extension of Taiwan Route 86 Can the fatal traffic accident on County Road 182 be improved?

Tainan Route 86 is the closest expressway to Tainan’s urban area. The east-west road of Route 182 to Tainan Route 3 runs through the mountains. From Kaohsiung Neimen to Tainan Longqi are all mountain roads, with large ups and downs and many bends. The most famous Bucket Bend with an arc of nearly 180 degrees is a pilgrimage site for many heavy motorcycle fans. However, from October to December last year, there were three traffic accidents. Two of the motorcycle riders were sent to hospital for serious injuries and died in the end.

To keep traffic safety and increase traffic convenience, the Executive Yuan has formally approved the “cutting bends and straightening” plan, which will connect the new roads to the east and west sections of 182 by approximately 10 kilometers, and upgrade and improve the 182 line into a provincial road of 6 kilometers, 16 kilometers in total. After completion, the travel distance of Tainan Guanmiao and Kaohsiung Neimen can be shortened, and the traffic time can be reduced from 36 minutes to 15 minutes.

In the past, with regard to the frequent traffic accidents on County Road 182, the chiefs and residents of local areas such as Qidingli and Longchuanli have been bothered for a long time. Not only are there frequent traffic accidents nearby, but they are also often awakened by the sound of heavy motorcycle passing by in the middle of the night. Residents living aroundnear all expressed their optimism and expectation to improve the current living environment.

The planned budget is estimated to be 10 billion. The follow-up work includes comprehensive planning, environmental impact assessment, construction, etc. The construction will be completed in about 6 years. Once the construction is completed, it will greatly facilitate the transportation network between Tainan and the Qishan area. It will shorten the time in emergency medical care, national defense, disaster relief, etc., and increase the attractiveness of sightseeing, which is important for regional development. All are of great help!