Are all the southern counties and cities lacking water? Ahead of schedule! Kaohsiung Chengcing Lake holds 2.47 million tons of water!

The Kaohsiung City Government is striving to fight drought, and increasing revenue and reducing expenditure have become the points. The Mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen Qimai, instructed on April 18 to extract more surface water and dig drought-resistant wells. At the same time, he asked major water users and the public to save water. Today, on May 5th, he inspected the Clarification Lake Reservoir. He was concerned about the water storage situation. In his speech, he pointed out the importance of fully developing water sources, and said that, on the premise of cooperation between the central and local governments, the municipal government has already drilled drought-resistant water wells and mobile pumpsto extract surface water from the Gaoping River. Compared with the 870,000 tons of water stored in the Chengcheng Lake Reservoir in mid-April, it has now reached the standard to 2.47 million tons in advanceand hope to prepare for the worst and make the best preparations to ensure that the people’s livelihood is enough.

Comparison of Chengcheng Lake before and after

The Water Resources Bureau stated that in addition to the mentioned ways, it also coordinated with the Water Resources Bureau of the Southern District Water Resources Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to activate the Nanhua Reservoir interconnection pipe to increase water supply and prioritize the storage of the clarified lake. It is expected to become the first full-water reservoir in the southern region this week, to become a key water source for domestic and public water supply in this city.

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai visited Chengcing Lake

The Water Resources Bureau stated that through the above cooperation, 8 wide-mouth wells have been delivered to clarify the lake with 22,100 tons of water, and will try their best to complete all 32 wells before May 20, a total of 96,000 tons of water can be provided daily . In addition, with the 30 drought-resistant water wells and water resource scheduling measures proposed by the central government, it is expected that by the end of May, a total of 480,000 tons of water will be increased per day.

Chengcheng Lake reached the standard of 2.47 million tons of water storage ahead of schedule

“Imagine using the worst script,” Chen Qimai urged everyone to save water and thanked the citizens for their cooperation. To increase revenue and reduce expenditure, save the saved water every day in Chengcheng Lake Reservoir, to relieve the crisis of water situation. But the drought is not over yet, and everyone has to continue to save water.