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Desserts for Home Epidemic Prevention! -Maple Sugar Cookies

It has been almost two months since the home epidemic prevention days. Many people have begun to refine their cooking skills. Some are interested in Western food, while others specialize in desserts. Home epidemic prevention makes everyone a little chef. I also share here a simple and easy-to-make maple sugar biscuit that I have tried during the epidemic prevention period…

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The glory of Taichung is showing up! Weightlifter Xie Yunting marches into Tokyo Olympics!

Xie Yunting, a key athlete in Taichung’s weightlifting training, performed well in domestic and international competitions. Recently, he ranked fourth in accumulated points in Asia and successfully qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Xie Yunting said that the best result of his career is 175kg in snatch, 220kg in clean and jerk, 395kg in total, and finally ranked fourth in accumulated…

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New record! The world’s third largest diamond appeared in Botswana, Africa!


A huge diamond weighing 1,098 carats was mined by the diamond company Debswana in Botswana, Africa. The first time the diamond was publicly shown to Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi. Botswana is currently the world’s largest diamond producer, and the diamond industry is its most important economic pillar. They collected a large amount of gold into the treasury of Botswana by…

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Students from all over the country are welcome to participate in the summer high school vocational online astronomy camp launched by the Taipei Astronomical Museum for free!

The Taipei Astronomical Museum Senior High School Vocational Astronomy Camp is one of the most important astronomy training activities in Taiwan. Due to the epidemic this year, it will be held online from July 12 to 31. All high school and vocational students across the country can participate for free! To provide high school students with the opportunity to study…

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Tainan hand-painted lanterns have become popular in Japan!

The hand-painted lanterns of Tainan students floated across the ocean. They were successfully displayed at the Minakami machi “Craftsman’s Town” in Gunmaken and the JR Shinkansen Jomo Kogen Station earlier this month. Not only did it attract tourists to stop and admire it, but it also appeared on the Yahoo homepage news in Japan, and also received Japanese NHK and…

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How we celebrate the Mother’s day under the Covid-19?

Mother’s Day has always been a festival that is valued by both the East and the West. In the past, restaurants in various countries and cities would promote Mother’s Day, and people working in other places would also choose to go home on this day to celebrate. However, in 2021, when the world has not yet got rid of the…

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