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Faced with the energy crisis, India, as the fourth-largest country with coal reserves, how can it be short of electricity?

圖片來源 : Photo by Alexander Tsang on Unsplash

India’s economic status, which has just passed the peak of COVID-19, is gradually recovering, but everyone does not know that another fatal problem has quietly erupted, that is, lack of electricity. Electricity is a necessary condition to promote economic recovery. If India is really short of electricity or even causes a large-scale blackout, then economic recovery will be just a…

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Can you accept it when you don’t have the autonomy of your womb? Does the “Texas Heartbeat Act” cherish life or deprive pregnant women of their autonomy?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Women’s equality in the United States has regressed. For example, on September 1st, Texas officially passed the controversial fetal heartbeat bill, one of the most stringent abortion laws in the United States. Signed and approved by Texas Republican Governor Abbott on May 19, pregnant women are prohibited from performing abortions after the fetus’s heartbeat can be detected in the hospital…

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Shot in the left eye! President of Haiti assassinated

The case occurred on Wednesday (July 7). An assassination shocked the world. The President of the Caribbean country of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated in a private house in the capital at 53. The whole country of Haiti immediately fell into chaos. Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph declared a state of emergency for the country. He sought assistance from…

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A new battlefield for the China–United States trade war! “U.S. Innovation and Competition Act V.S Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law”

The US Senate voted to pass the “American Innovation and Competition Act” on Tuesday (June 8). Its content is to strengthen the development of science and technology in the United States in an attempt to compete with the rapidly rising Chinese technology industry. The content includes funding for scientific research, subsidies for chip and robot manufacturers, and increasing production funds…

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Los Angeles Asian robbery, “I’m from Taiwan” has become an amulet?

Rocky Mountain Police is investigating a robbery that occurred in Los Angeles, California on May 10. The robbery also involves the topic “Asian Hatred” that has recently attracted attention. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Asians have been stigmatized in the U.S. maliciously. In addition to verbal harassment, there have even been several cases of injury, from the January…

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Black Lives Matter! The murderer, Derek Chauvin, was sentenced.

In May last year, former US police officer Derek Chauvin arrested George Floyd, an African-American man, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on suspicion of using counterfeit money. During the suppression, Mr Chauvin placed his left knee between Mr Floyd’s head and neck for more than nine minutes, causing him to die. Mr Floyd repeatedly begged for mercy and said he could not…

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