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Faced with the energy crisis, India, as the fourth-largest country with coal reserves, how can it be short of electricity?

圖片來源 : Photo by Alexander Tsang on Unsplash

India’s economic status, which has just passed the peak of COVID-19, is gradually recovering, but everyone does not know that another fatal problem has quietly erupted, that is, lack of electricity. Electricity is a necessary condition to promote economic recovery. If India is really short of electricity or even causes a large-scale blackout, then economic recovery will be just a…

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Can you accept it when you don’t have the autonomy of your womb? Does the “Texas Heartbeat Act” cherish life or deprive pregnant women of their autonomy?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Women’s equality in the United States has regressed. For example, on September 1st, Texas officially passed the controversial fetal heartbeat bill, one of the most stringent abortion laws in the United States. Signed and approved by Texas Republican Governor Abbott on May 19, pregnant women are prohibited from performing abortions after the fetus’s heartbeat can be detected in the hospital…

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Living in Taipei isn’t an easy task! Implementing housing justice, Taipei City and NGOs cooperate in planning a new model of residential housing.

To implement housing justice, the Taipei City Government has proposed various improvements to address the difficult living conditions of disadvantaged groups. In addition, the Taipei City Government will hold an online symposium on “2021 Housing Justice 2.0 Series Forum II-Development and Prospects of Disadvantaged Housing Resources in Taipei” at 10 am tomorrow (27). The Social Affairs Bureau will report on…

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“Seqalu: Formosa 1867” has achieved good ratings. In September, the municipal government launched scenes and short trips to the ancient town of Yanshui.

PTV’s epic series “Seqalu: Formosa 1867” was aired for the first time last Saturday (14). One of its main filming locations was the Annei Sugar Factory. The neighborhoods, gates, and markets of Taiwan’s Fucheng during the Ming and Qing Dynasties were reproduced in the shooting scene and the street appearance of Minnan-style buildings. Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe also went to…

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Ecological Conservation and Energy Transition The secret behind Referendum of Algal Reef

The highly-discussed referendum on “Rescue of Algae Reefs” has reached about 700,000 countersigns, which far exceeds the original countersignature threshold of 290,000 copies. Therefore, the Central Election Committee announced that it would hold a referendum on August 28, 2021. However, before voting, let us first understand the content of this dispute. What is Algae? Algae reefs, as the name implies,…

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Kaohsiung Pop Music Center won the Gold Award of the Global Construction Excellence Award in 2021

During the epidemic prevention period, there was an exciting good news; the “Kaohsiung Pop Music Center” represented the Kaohsiung City Government Works Bureau’s New Construction Office to participate in the “2021 Global Construction Excellence Award” selection. And at 9 o’clock in the evening of June 2nd, Taiwan time, “Kaohsiung Pop Music Center” stood out from more than 100 professional organizations…

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Are all the southern counties and cities lacking water? Ahead of schedule! Kaohsiung Chengcing Lake holds 2.47 million tons of water!

The Kaohsiung City Government is striving to fight drought, and increasing revenue and reducing expenditure have become the points. The Mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen Qimai, instructed on April 18 to extract more surface water and dig drought-resistant wells. At the same time, he asked major water users and the public to save water. Today, on May 5th, he inspected the…

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