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Ecological Conservation and Energy Transition The secret behind Referendum of Algal Reef

The highly-discussed referendum on “Rescue of Algae Reefs” has reached about 700,000 countersigns, which far exceeds the original countersignature threshold of 290,000 copies. Therefore, the Central Election Committee announced that it would hold a referendum on August 28, 2021. However, before voting, let us first understand the content of this dispute. What is Algae? Algae reefs, as the name implies,…

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Do you know the difference between conduct name registration and conduct contact information registration?

Because of the Covid-19 raging in Taiwan, Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong ordered the entire Taiwan to enter the third level of security. In order to prevent the epidemic, people need to register when entering businesses, stores, public offices, etc., and there are two mainstream registration methods. They are conduct name registration or conduct contact information registration, but…

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Xinjiang cotton ban – a storm sweeping the entertainment manufacturing industry

What happened? Since March 24, 2021, Chinese netizens began to post a large number of articles on the Internet to boycott the well-known clothing brand H&M, and other major brands such as NIKE, adidas, ZARA, even burning clothing and sneakers to express their determination. Subsequently, the entertainers also stated that they would terminate the endorsement cooperation with those major labels.…

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