Do you know the difference between conduct name registration and conduct contact information registration?

Because of the Covid-19 raging in Taiwan, Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong ordered the entire Taiwan to enter the third level of security. In order to prevent the epidemic, people need to register when entering businesses, stores, public offices, etc., and there are two mainstream registration methods. They are conduct name registration or conduct contact information registration, but what is the difference between these two systems?

conduct name registration

This method is to leave people’s real names, phone numbers and other information to provide government agencies with future epidemic investigations and epidemic footprint tracking. Stores usually prepare forms, paper and pen in advance, and ask people to leave personal information such as their names and contact information. The advantage of this type of investigation is that it is highly effective in future investigations. It can quickly lock the target when tracking, but it takes time to write data and it is easy to see other people’s data when filling in, which can easily cause a data leakage problem. As a result, some people were worried and messed up their handwriting at the time of filling out, which caused distress to the epidemic investigators. There is also a doubt that sharing a pen when filling in may cause the spread of the virus. In addition, although the government stipulates that all registration data can only be used for epidemic prevention and must be destroyed within 28 days after registration, it is actually impossible to determine whether the store can actually implement it, so this type is not a perfect method.

People’s personal information is easy to be seen in the traditional conduct name registration.

conduct contact information registration

The second refers to the way that people can actually be contacted, so people only need to leave their mobile phone numbers. The biggest difference from conduct name registration is that there is no need to leave names, which protects people’s privacy. In terms of data privacy, the principle of 28-day destruction of conduct name registration is continued, and it is more reliable that the system will implement it uniformly.

In addition to the nationwide 3 steps in 5 seconds system, in fact, other cities have also introduced many local conduct contact information registration systems, such as “Taipei Tong” launched by Taipei City, “Yunlin Nubi Twist” launched by Yunlin County, and “anti-epidemic tracking and traceability system” launched by Taichung City. (For details, please see )

However, in order to make the national process more uniform and efficient, the domestic digital political commissar Tang Feng cooperated with the customs and trade network company that developed the eMask pre-purchase platform last year. Based on the previous system, the general-purpose 3 steps in 5 seconds system is developed. The public only needs to scan the QR code on their mobile phones and send the short-message to quickly complete without downloading any apps. This makes it easier for some people who are not familiar with the interface of the application system. This successfully solved various problems in conduct name registration, such as slow filling , easy leakage of personal information, and unrecognizable handwriting.

It only takes few minutes to finish conduct contact information registration

Simple teaching ofTraditional mobile phones can also use

Simply scan the QRcode (you can also use LINE “Disease Butler” to scan), and the phone will automatically jump to 3 steps in 5 seconds system sending page and then press send to complete the registration. The content of the message is the merchant code that the people have been to. In cast that some people’s mobile phones don’t have the camera function, they can also enter the store code manually to complete the registration, and the message fee will be fully paid by the communication company.

Traditional mobile phones can also use Traditional mobile phones can also use