First-line staff of Taoyuan Epidemic Prevention Hotel get COVID-19 vaccine

The Mayor of Taoyuan, Zheng Wencan, and Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong went to the Taoyuan Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare together on the afternoon of 5/3 to inspect the vaccinations of the staff of the epidemic prevention hotel. Mayor Zheng stated that as of today, a total of 7,469 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in Taoyuan City have been vaccinated, of which 5,935 doses have been vaccinated at public expense, and 1,534 doses have been vaccinated at their own expense. In addition to the personnel of the epidemic prevention hotel, three types of targets will be vaccinated at public expense as soon as possible, including the first category, China Airlines, Evergreen, Xingyu and other national aviation crew members, and airport duty-free shops, assistance in transit services and other personnel will also be encouraged to vaccinate; The second category, the driving of the epidemic prevention team; and the third category, employees of Taoyuan MRT Corporation. There are more than 200 employees have been scheduled to receive vaccinations. According to the tracking results of the Central Epidemic Command Center and the Municipal Health Bureau, the side effects after vaccination are minor, and the vaccine is also proved to be safe and effective. In addition to expanding the types of publicly funded vaccination in the future, people are also encouraged to actively administer vaccines in accordance with publicly funded qualifications or at their own expense, so as to increase the vaccination rate and protect themselves and the health of others.

The situation of medical staff serving on-site

At present, there are 19 epidemic prevention hotels in Taoyuan City, and the utilization rate is quite high. For more than a year, relevant regulations including personnel movement and wearing protective clothing have been strictly implemented. In addition, Taoyuan has provided 3 anti-epidemic hotels for the Civil Aviation Administration as a backup plan for Novotel hotels.One is for use by China Airlines flight crews, and the other two are for use by foreign airline crews, and will also have a mechanism for classifying and diversion. Mayor Zheng emphasized that Taoyuan will open another 13 district health centers as vaccination points today, and eligible people can make appointments for vaccination.

Mayor Zheng and Minister Chen Shizhong jointly inspected the vaccination situation of the staff of the epidemic prevention hotel

Minister Chen stated that Taoyuan is the top priority of Taiwan’s epidemic prevention work, because the airport is located in Taoyuan. Whether it is air crews, passengers entering and leaving the country, and epidemic prevention fleets, they are all concentrated in Taoyuan. This is a heavy pressure for Taoyuan, but during this period of time, even if there are some breaches in epidemic prevention, everyone has worked together to make up the breaches every time. Minister Chen said that there are many unpredictable situations in the epidemic prevention process. Even if we make thorough preparations, it is impossible to go without a breach, otherwise the number of confirmed diagnoses in the world will not accumulate to 150 million. Taiwan currently has more than 1,000 confirmed cases, and it is still a relatively small country in the world, but we still can’t care about it. The virus is pervasive. When the situation occurs, the central and local governments cooperate to contain it. This is the most important thing.

Mayor Zheng and Minister Chen Shizhong cheer for on-site medical staff