How we celebrate the Mother’s day under the Covid-19?

Mother’s Day has always been a festival that is valued by both the East and the West. In the past, restaurants in various countries and cities would promote Mother’s Day, and people working in other places would also choose to go home on this day to celebrate. However, in 2021, when the world has not yet got rid of the shadow of the Covid-19 epidemic, it seems that it is not a wise way to take mothers to eat restaurants or travel home across long distances at will. However, people abroad have not given up on this year’s Mother’s Day. This year, people have switched to various online ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. Let us take a look at a few examples that have caused a craze on the Internet this year!

Novelist Irvine Welsh (Owen Welsh) said on Twitter: “Decided to ditch public transport and walked 7 miles to hand deliver a Mother’s Day card. I couldn’t go in but we spoke at distance, her from her front door. She looked at my red trainers and said “you walked seven miles in these? Just as well the streets are empty.”

Another video with 12,000 views on Twitter uses another form to show how to celebrate Mother’s Day while maintaining social distancing.

In the film, a daughter keeps a distance in front of her mother’s house, and has played music and communicated with her mother in the form of word cards, expressing her gratitude to her mother. Although she wants to give kisses and hugs, she can’t help it because of the epidemic. And expressed the hope that these problems can be solved next year, and left a Mother’s Day gift to her mother in the mailbox. There are only touching music and calligraphy cards throughout the whole process. This silent way of celebration not only shows the importance of the mother’s safety, but also conveys the gratitude to the mother.

In addition to showing gratitude, some people tried hard to establish an interaction with their mother. A woman sent a special “Mother’s Day Recipe” to her mother. The ingredients in the recipe are available in the refrigerator at the mother’s house, so that the mother and daughter can make and enjoy the Mother’s Day meal at the same time on Mother’s Day, just like being with each other, “This is also great! Let each other know that we are safe !”

After reading the above examples, it is very fortunate that Taiwan is still very safe. People can still celebrate Mother’s Day together happily, but they should not lose their vigilance just because of the current ease. Everyone still has to take effective measures to prevent the epidemic and maintain social distancing. If you or the people around you have fever, muscle aches, fatigue, coughing, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or even breathing difficulties, please call 1922 and seek medical treatment as soon as possible!