Kaohsiung Pop Music Center won the Gold Award of the Global Construction Excellence Award in 2021

During the epidemic prevention period, there was an exciting good news; the “Kaohsiung Pop Music Center” represented the Kaohsiung City Government Works Bureau’s New Construction Office to participate in the “2021 Global Construction Excellence Award” selection. And at 9 o’clock in the evening of June 2nd, Taiwan time, “Kaohsiung Pop Music Center” stood out from more than 100 professional organizations in more than 70 countries around the world and won the gold award.

Kaohsiung Pop Music Center won the Gold Award of the Global Construction Excellence Award in 2021

According to the Works Bureau, the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards is organized by the World Real Estate Alliance (FIABCI). It has been held in 1992 and has entered the 30th session. The award-winning works are spread all over the world and enjoy an excellent reputation. The award is known as the Oscar in the global architecture industry and has always been recognized by all walks of life, so it is not easy to win this award. The total construction cost of the “Kaohsiung Pop Music Center” is about 7 billion yuan. With the design concept of creating a marine city, a multinational architectural design team is formed by Spanish and domestic architects. Use ocean elements such as waves, corals, dolphins, whales, etc. to outline the appearance of the building to create a special, lively and marine-style architectural settlement, creating a world-class landmark building.

Aerial shot of Kaohsiung Pop Music Center

The New Construction Office of the Municipal Works Bureau stated that the “Kaohsiung Pop Music Center” took 12 years to plan and build. The entire area was completed in August 2020. The architectural settlement includes 6 small indoor performance spaces “Whale Bank”, pop music industry community space “High and Low Towers”, a large performance hall with approximately 5000 seats “Haiyin Hall”, marine culture exhibition center “Coral Reef Group”, and 5 cultural and creative buildings Industrial area “Dolphin”. The external space is the “Sea Breeze Plaza” that can accommodate 10,000 people and the “Sky Walk” that connects high and low towers, coral reefs, and whale banks. After the completion of the project, a lighting test was carried out in October 2020, and the entire Love River Bay was lit up with a variety of lighting changes. Then at the end of the same year, a series of events of “Code Name “Light” Kaohsiung Century 2021″ was held. Multi-angle light projections and majestic music were used on the scene to amaze the citizens who came to watch and It has become a must-visit new attraction for people visiting Kaohsiung.

High and low towers and outdoor performance areas

In 2016, Kaohsiung City won the Gold Award in the Public Sector Infrastructure Category of the Global Construction Excellence Award for the project “Kaohsiung Municipal Library Main Building New Construction”. This time, the “Kaohsiung Pop Music Center” won the “2021 Global Excellence Construction Award” again. It shows that the Kaohsiung City Government team has a broad vision and structure that meets international standards, and has a place on the international stage, so that the world can have more opportunity to see Taiwan.

For more global construction excellence awards, please refer to the winning film (Kaohsiung won the award at 7:46): https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=h6J_ykbSHxc, and the official website of the Global Construction Excellence Award: https://fiabciprix.com/