Open to the import of pork with ractopamine! Su Zhenchang release the Pork Dashboard.

Starting from New Year’s Day, pork containing ractopamine can be imported into Taiwan. Regarding the food safety issue that Taiwan people attach the most importance to, Premier Su Zhenchang personally visited Taipei Port today (4) to investigate the inspection operations of imported pork, and said that the inspection has three major checkpoints to guard the health of Taiwan people firmly.

Premier Su explains the inspection process

Premier Su also said that in order to make the people more at ease. From now on, at 11 a.m. every working day, the Ministry of Health Service, the Committee of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance will publish the “Pork Dashboard” to announce the daily weight (tons) and proportion of Taiwanese pigs and the imported pigs. As well as the origin of the importing country, the inspection results, the proportion of total weight and other information of the imported pigs for the people to supervise on the offical website.   And it can also enable the government to truly control the importers, import declarations (including the total net weight of the receipt), the total net weight of the delivery, and the downstream industry, which can be traced upwards and traceable downwards. Taiwan government will face the import problem of pork with ractopamine with the rigorous attitude when facing the fight against African swine fever.

The Food and Drug Administration will also open the box batch by batch at the scene for sampling and inspection.

Premier Su emphasized that the government has confidence in Taiwanese pork and puts the health of the Taiwan people as the first consideration, and will surely strictly control the food safety. Taiwan is based on trade, and our country’s products are sold abroad. Naturally, the import of other countries’ products cannot be prohibited. However, the government will definitely put food safety first. On the one hand, it will move towards international free trade. On the other hand, it will respect the free import of the industry, and it will also be responsible for publicly reporting all information to the people of the country. Premier Su also called on all local governments to cooperate, so that nothing would go wrong.