Students from all over the country are welcome to participate in the summer high school vocational online astronomy camp launched by the Taipei Astronomical Museum for free!

The Taipei Astronomical Museum Senior High School Vocational Astronomy Camp is one of the most important astronomy training activities in Taiwan. Due to the epidemic this year, it will be held online from July 12 to 31. All high school and vocational students across the country can participate for free!

Taipei Astronomical Museum launches digital and high school vocational online astronomy camp / Photo source: Taipei Planetarium!

To provide high school students with the opportunity to study astronomy in-depth, the Taipei Municipal Planetarium holds the “High School Vocational Astronomy Camp” every year. It has reached the ninth year. Each session draws up different study topics, such as “Variable Star Observation,” “Stellar Evolution and Star Cluster Observation,” “Internet Astronomy,” “Astronomical Observation and Analysis Practice,” “50 Years on the Moon, Deep Understanding of the Moon”, “Nobel Astronomy Laboratory,” etc., has been widely praised by students and teachers, and has become one of the most important high school astronomy training programs.

The theme of this year’s camp is “Introduction to Astronomy”

This year’s high school vocational online astronomy camp takes “Introduction to Astronomy” as the theme. It divides the entire astronomy content into four parts and seventeen themes, including basic knowledge, solar system, stars, galaxies, and cosmology. Combining the content of high school textbooks in various fields and linking the general degree of astronomy at the university creates an astronomy curriculum specially designed for high school students. Those who pass the assessment will be awarded a certificate of study by the Taipei Planetarium. High school vocational students interested in astronomy are welcome to register for free from now until July 1st!

For details, please refer to the registration website: