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Living in Taipei isn’t an easy task! Implementing housing justice, Taipei City and NGOs cooperate in planning a new model of residential housing.

To implement housing justice, the Taipei City Government has proposed various improvements to address the difficult living conditions of disadvantaged groups. In addition, the Taipei City Government will hold an online symposium on “2021 Housing Justice 2.0 Series Forum II-Development and Prospects of Disadvantaged Housing Resources in Taipei” at 10 am tomorrow (27). The Social Affairs Bureau will report on…

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Students from all over the country are welcome to participate in the summer high school vocational online astronomy camp launched by the Taipei Astronomical Museum for free!

The Taipei Astronomical Museum Senior High School Vocational Astronomy Camp is one of the most important astronomy training activities in Taiwan. Due to the epidemic this year, it will be held online from July 12 to 31. All high school and vocational students across the country can participate for free! To provide high school students with the opportunity to study…

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Taipei City was selected to enter the championship final of the 2021 Global Mayor Challenge

In the first stage of the “2021 Global Mayor Challenge”, the Bloomberg Charity Foundation of the United States selected 50 champion cities from 99 countries and 631 participating cities to enter the finals. Taipei City’s efforts have been favored by the organizers and won one of the 50 champion cities in the “2021 Global Mayor Challenge”. Other shortlisted cities include…

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