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Are all the southern counties and cities lacking water? Ahead of schedule! Kaohsiung Chengcing Lake holds 2.47 million tons of water!

The Kaohsiung City Government is striving to fight drought, and increasing revenue and reducing expenditure have become the points. The Mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen Qimai, instructed on April 18 to extract more surface water and dig drought-resistant wells. At the same time, he asked major water users and the public to save water. Today, on May 5th, he inspected the…

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The installation of 10 small mobile water purification devices has completed in Taichung 150 tons of household water can be supplied daily

Although there is a little rain at present, the water conditions have not yet eased. Taichung City continues to use the policy ” Supply 5, Stop 2″  for water supply. The Municipal Water Resources Bureau has installed the first small mobile water purification device on the construction site at the intersection of Wenxin South Road and Wenxin South 5th Road…

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The new spot of replace water source. The first observation well in Central Park has a daily water volume of over 1,000 tons

The central area is short of water. In order to solve the current severe drought, the Taichung City Government and the central government have planned to dig 12 wells for people’s livelihood in the Central Park. The first observation well has been completed. The water quality is good and the water output exceeds expectations. It is estimated that there are…

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