Taichung City Government accelerates the promotion of low-carbon hotel certification to help the hotel industry to face the most severe drought in 56 years.

Taichung City Government Counseling Hotel Industry to Improve Water Shutoff Facilities

Facing the most severe drought in Taiwan’s history, the Taichung City Government Tourism and Tourism Bureau invited the Travel and Accommodation Industry Association and industry professionals to discuss the drought-resistant measures on the 18th. According to Lin Xiaoqi, director of the bureau, the daily water consumption of the industry is not low and the current water storage status in Taichung City is already lit in orange level ! In the face of severe water conditions, the city government has asked all the major industry operators to carry out the various water-saving and drought-resistant measures in advance, such as “reducing water consumption, shortening opening hours or even suspending non-essential service facilities such as swimming pools, SPAs, saunas, etc., and strengthen the water-saving equipment and provide the environmentally-friendly accommodation project. Also, the city government plans to provide some parts of water of the household to the hotel industry as a raincheck and asks for funding from the central government to assist updating and adding energy-saving equipment after reviewing the budget. The public associations and industry representatives who attended the meeting also expressed their full cooperation to tide over the difficulties together.

Director Lin also pointed out that climate change is a major challenge for the tourism industry. The Taichung City Government will assist the hotel industry in Taichung to face the impact of global warming. Taichung is the first city in Taiwan to promote low-carbon hotel certification since 2014. Since then, experts in various fields have been invited every year to provide guidance and inspections on software and hardware projects such as energy-saving and water-saving equipment and low-carbon services to provide hotel operators with practical energy-saving measures and suggestions.

According to the Tourism Bureau, 57 hotels in Taichung City have passed low-carbon hotel certification. This year, they expect to help 20 more to obtain certification. Low-carbon hotel certification can help the hotel industry to adapt to global warming and provide tourists with another type of accommodation, reducing the carbon footprint as much as possible while maintaining the quality of tourism, so as to achieve the goal of low-carbon tourism and sustainable tourism. Readers who are interested in low-carbon certified hotels in Taichung can check the relevant information through the following link to the website of the Taichung Tourism and Tourism Bureau! https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/zh-tw/Shop/AccommodationList?cls=178