Taichung City Government builds 1,411, the largest number, of air quality miniature sensors

In order to strengthen the inspection of air pollution sources, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Taichung City has cooperated with the Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan to install air quality miniature sensors in potential pollution hotspots, heavy traffic areas and densely populated areas to assist in the detection of illegal air pollution cases.

Air quality miniature sensors

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air quality miniature sensors has repeatedly contributed to the detection of air pollution cases. In August last year, an air quality miniature sensors installed near the Xibin Expressway in Longjing District found that the numerical value of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was abnormally high during a fixed period of time. After analysis by the Environmental Protection Agency, a plastic products factory was locked. The Environmental Protection Agency combined the Wuri branch of the police station to conduct a surprise inspection. It was found on the spot that the volatile organic compounds produced by the PU resin used in the production of synthetic leather in the factory seriously affected the surrounding air quality. According to the Air Pollution Prevention Law, a fine of 7.2 million yuan has been imposed and the factory owner Huang is transferred to Taichung District Prosecutors Office.

Schematic diagram of factory air pollution

The environmental protection director Chen Hongyi pointed out that last year, 15 cases were fined, which total amounted to NT$8.46,000, based on the detection of air quality miniature sensors, combined with relevant information. In the future, the Environmental Protection Agency will continue to use air quality miniature sensors combined with big data analysis to increase the detection rate of cases, also would increase the frequency of audits to strengthen supervision of the condition of the pollution sources. Once improper discharge of air pollutants is found, it will be severely punished with the law and will never be lenient. The air quality of Taichung City will be protected. The government urges the industry to take preventive measures in accordance with regulations and do not take chances.