Tainan hand-painted lanterns have become popular in Japan!

The hand-painted lanterns of Tainan students floated across the ocean. They were successfully displayed at the Minakami machi “Craftsman’s Town” in Gunmaken and the JR Shinkansen Jomo Kogen Station earlier this month. Not only did it attract tourists to stop and admire it, but it also appeared on the Yahoo homepage news in Japan, and also received Japanese NHK and other five media rushing to report. Many cities in Gunma County expressed their willingness to cooperate with Tainan City, which successfully caused a broad attention.

Tainan lanterns have become popular in Japan!

This batch of painted lanterns was made by Tainan primary and middle school students and was displayed on the outer wall of the fire brigade at Zhongzheng Road, Central and Western District during the Lunar New Year at the beginning of this year. These hand-painted lanterns are based on the theme of “Pray for the protection and safety of the god of fire from the temple, and pray for peace”, and echo each other with the greatest fire god in Japan, the Crow Tengu, worshipped by the Minakami Town Fengrakukan.For the first time, the two places used fire prevention and disaster prevention publicity exchanges, which was of special significance. Japan’s NHK, Mainichi Shimbun, Kyodo News, Shangmao Shimbun, and Gunma TV rush to report, not only let more Japanese know the meaning of Tainan lanterns, but also understand Taiwan’s traditional culture and customs.

Japanese media reports constantly and multiple cities express their willingness to cooperate

Regarding this matter, Mayor Huang mentioned that Tainan’s schoolchildren’s hand-painted lanterns are currently on display in the sister city of Gunmaken Minakami machi, Shibukawa-shi, Ikaho machi, which is famous for its hot springs, and Kiryu machi, known as the “Little Kyoto in the East” They all expressed their desire to cooperate with Tainan City and hope that more cities will participate in the future to connect Taiwan and Japan together.

Tainan lanterns are well received in Japan

Minakami Town also displays local homemade bamboo lanterns together with Tainan lanterns. The Taiwan and Japanese lanterns have a special feeling when they are put together. In addition, the lantern display in the town of craftsmen has been well received and is expected to be extended to the end of June.