Taipei City Government strictly inspected short-term rentals and fined 4 cases totaling NT$700,000.

Since September (2020), the Taipei City Government has made the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Police Department, and the Department of Information and Tourism work together to filter the short-term rentals in Taipei to prevent the home quarantine from staying in illegal short-term rentals.

The short-term rentals are illegal, and it is almost impossible to confirm whether they can meet the regulations of isolating one person for one room. It also cannot be disinfected and cleaned in accordance with the regulations, and the internal traffic flow is also disordered. In the case of repeatedly receiving the home quarantine, it is very easy to cause cross infection and become a hotbed of virus transmission. In order to prevent such doubts from recurring, the Taipei City Government has recently arranged massive joint inspections and called on the central government to set the laws for the residences which have taken the home quarantine in for multiple times, so as to prevent the infection control breach.

Liu Yiting, director of the Department of Information and Tourism, emphasized that illegal short-term rentals can easily lead to a infection control breach and claim that the Taipei City Government will continue to conduct inspections and penalties, and once again emphasized the call for the central government to impose the laws for the residences just mentioned as soon as possible. He also hopes that people who return to Taiwan can check in at an epidemic prevent – quarantine hotel in Taipei. As long as they phone the 1999 special line, there will be a dedicated service. In addition, the Taipei City Government provides residents with a home quarantine subsidy of up to NT$7,000. Whether it is the home quarantine staying at an epidemic prevention – quarantine hotel, or staying at home, or their family members changing to an outside hotel, they can get the subsidy! In order to enable the home quarantine to successfully complete home quarantine, the Taipei City Government has made efforts to increase epidemic prevention – quarantine hotels.

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As of today (15), there have been 100 epidemic prevention – quarantine hotels and 6,855 quarantine rooms. The Taipei City Government also stated that the current quarantine rooms is still sufficient. Since yesterday (14), people from other cities would be allowed to book rooms on a limited basis.The official website of the Department of Information and Tourism publicly releases information such as hotel prices, basic information, and Q&A of the Department of Information and Tourism.

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